"Pamper Yourself" Gift Box

"Pamper Yourself" Gift Box

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The "Pamper Yourself" box has items to hep you relax any time! This beautiful box includes:

1- Farahii's satin robe with lace trim sleeve (available in white or dusty pink)

2- Farahii's silk eye mask (in pink or black)

3- A soft muslin washcloth for the face from our partners at Hayah Organics. This Muslin Washcloth is made with the finest organic Egyptian cotton, and is the perfect texture for gently exfoliating the delicate surface of your (beautiful) face. 

4- Face Masque from our partners at Hayah Organics that comes in one of 3 types:

        -Detox Masque : This formulation is great for Acne prone skin and oily skin 

        -Flower Fields Masque :The first thing you’ll notice when opening this jar is the gentle, relaxing, delicate aroma of its contents. Perfect for sensitive skin.

        -Sunshine Masque : For normal to oily skin try our Sunshine Masque, made with a gentle blend of Kaolin clay, organic turmeric and organic white willow bark extract. Perfect for all skin types especially acne prone skin. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean with a beautiful natural glow.

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