How to plan in uncertain times

Because of the current circumstances, a lot of the people’s wedding, engagement, and bridal showers have been put on hold. Some have postponed to a much later date (possibly in 2021), while others have not been able to make further plans due to the uncertainty. This is not a unique situation, many times we find ourselves in uncertain times and are unsure how to plan our events. Here are a few tips that we have found helpful in making this easier on everyone involved:

1. Understand your options. 

Speak to your vendors and suppliers (if you have already appointed them) and understand how flexible they are willing to be. Many vendors will allow you to change your dates due to unforeseen circumstances without any additional fees, while others may charge you a small fee. Communicate with all of them in order to understand what your options are.

2. Don’t carry it all alone.

Speak to your fiancé, family and close friends, don’t try to make all the decisions alone. It’s often helpful to ask someone close to you to help you decide how to deal with stressful situations. Sometimes all we need is someone to brainstorm with and come up with ideas.

3. Create a plan A, B and C for every scenario.

Gather all the information that you need from all stakeholders and decide on your best case, the mediocre case, and the worst-case scenario and put a rough plan in place for all 3. You can gradually tweak and adjust the plan as the time comes closer.

It is not easy to plan events, let alone plan during a crisis. However, with proper evaluation, brainstorming and planning, you can reorganize the event you envisaged. We hope that with the above three tips you’re able to better plan and manage your events, amidst the current uncertain times. If you have any more tips on planning events during uncertain times, then let us know in the comments below!

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