Why we love The Chocolate shop

Why we love The Chocolate shop

For anyone living in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, if you have not tried the chocolate shop then you have probably been living under a rock for the past few years. 
The chocolate shop makes the most sinfully deliciously chocolates, and has over 20 different unique flavors that will rock your world! 

Here are our 5 favorite ones:

- Pistachio Passion in dark chocolate. The Pistachio Passion is an explosion of flavor in your mouth! The dark chocolate exterior filled with the pistachio nuts and cream inside gives you the perfect balance of “healthy” dark chocolate but with the best filling inside. And if you are not a fan of dark chocolate they also have it in a milk chocolate version. 

- Hazelnut delight. If anyone here grew up in the 80sand 90s then you might remember “fanfare”, those yummy sticks like chocolates that have been discontinued a couple of decades ago. Well, we are so excited to tell you we found the gourmet version of them here at the shop! The Hazelnut Delight is a wafer cigar filled with hazelnut cream and covered with milk chocolate! You can also try the pistachio version- Pistachio Delight. 

- The plain dark or milk chocolate squares. These yummy little pure chocolate squares are perfect to serve on the side of tea and coffee, for those days when you are 
“watching what you eat”. They are small but oh so chic, yet so satisfying.

- Cookies n Dream. Who doesn’t love Oreos! If you are like most of us, you will love the Cookies n Dream. This incredible creation is an oreo cookie, covered in creamy chocolate with almonds wrapped in Belgian chocolate. An entire dessert all wrapped in one beautiful package ready to take you on a little journey through heaven. 

- Red velvet cheesecake. Now this is one that we are very impressed with! How they managed to put a red velvet cheesecake into a small wrapped chocolate piece is incredible. The mixture of flavors and the freshness for the cake will satisfy any sweet craving. 

They also custom wrap your chocolates to fit any occasion, be it a wedding, engagement party, bridal shower or bachelorette party! You can call ahead and order what you want,  pass by and sample the chocolates, or find them on wardah application and order from the comfort of your own home.

  • Why we love The Chocolate shop