Top 10 Wedding Day Essentials For Every Bride

As your special day approaches and the excitement is on full blast, farahii wants to make sure nothing takes that happiness away, not even for a second. That’s why we want to arm you with farahii’s top 10 most important wedding day essentials every bride needs.  

Essential #1: Fresh lemon water

From preparations, to wardrobe and makeup, to photos all leading up to the big celebration, a bride can forget to hydrate herself. We recommend you keep a bottle of lemon water handy at all times; it boosts your energy, rejuvenates the skin and keeps you feeling fresh.

Essential #2: A bridal robe

Isn’t it exciting waking up on the morning of your wedding day knowing that you will be going through the glam-up of your life? A MUST HAVE for getting ready is farahii’s soft white satin robe to look gorgeous in during your wedding preparation.

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Essential #3: Protein bars

A bride has plenty of preparations to do on her wedding day and it’s very rare that she would have time to enjoy a meal. We recommend you have a few of your favorite protein bars handy, to snack on throughout the day, to fuel your body during the celebrations.

Essential #4: The second shoe!

Save your precious feet from the pain that comes with gorgeous heels and pack a pair of beautiful and comfortable flats or retro sneakers. For the “second shoe”, look no further than farahii to find a unique selection of comfortable shoes for your bridal look. We wouldn’t want you to be the bride that’s not dancing now would we girls?

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Essential #5: Extra hair pins

Always make sure to have extra bridal hair pins on your wedding day. You never know when you might have a hair emergency, or when you might want to remove your big veil and add more sparkly pins to keep your fabulous hair in place. No need to worry, farahii has a sparkling collection of unique hair pins to choose from.

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Essential #6: Your Best Friends

An absolute essential not just on your wedding day but your whole wedding journey - your best friend or best group of friends. They are the ones that will make sure you look and feel your best, have everything you need, and especially there for emotional support. #heart

Essential #7: Style Emergency Kit

In case of a fashion emergency, a bride must be prepared and there’s nothing that will have your back like farahii’s style emergency kit. The ultimate kit that is well-equipped with all the essentials to fix any fashion emergency (no joke) including Hollywood fashion tape, deodorant removing sponge, lint removing sheets, a safety pin, anti-static spray, sewing kit, earring back, standard and adhesive buttons, a satin wipe, a nail file, a blister pad, a hair band, and a shoe-shine sponge. All this in one compact tin box!

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Essential #8: The short veil

A highly recommended wedding day essential is the backup veil. Dance the night away with a shorter but just as beautiful veil that will keep you looking gorgeous. Best thing about is that it won’t get tangled up on the floor or get in the way when you’re dancing with your loved ones.

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Essential #9: Mints

No bride wants to have bad breath on her special day. A pack of mints is essential for your wedding day - we recommend you avoid chewing gum completely. You wouldn’t want to look back at your wedding videos to see yourself chewing away. #fauxpas

Essential #10: A big happy smile!

The one absolute crucial wedding day essential we urge every bride to have is a big happy gorgeous smile! Enjoy and have fun on one of the happiest and most joyous days of your life – and let everyone see that happiness shine through your smile.

Be prepared and avoid last-minute bridal stress with these top 10 tips. Happiness is infectious and a bride’s happiness shows through so smile, laugh, and live in the blissful moments of your wedding day – we insist!

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  • Top 10 Wedding Day Essentials For Every Bride

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