Our amazing experience at La Fontaine!

La Fontaine

Our amazing experience at La Fontaine!

La Fontaine center of contemporary art is a historical monument dating back to a hundred and fifty years, located in the heart of Manama close to the old ‘Suq’.

Besides being a masterpiece of architectural and artistic glory, the place is one of the most beautiful (and romantic) locations in Bahrain to get married.

In December 2016, I had the pleasure of helping my brother plan his wedding at la Fontaine. The planning process with la Fontaine was very pleasant. I called the venue to ask about pricing, they gave me the email of the owner- Ms. Fatima Alireza- who typically handles private functions. I emailed her and received all the details very clear and structured.  

We then proceeded to meet with her in order to explain our vision. Fatima was super friendly and supportive. A week before the wedding we went for a tasting, everything was wonderfully presented and all our feedback was taken constructively. The wedding was great, it indeed exceeded our expectations; from the way the venue looked like that day all the way to how the overall plan actually came together.

Below you will find a few things you will need to know about La Fontaine if you’re thinking of holding your next memory-making event there:

What We Love About It:

There were several things we loved about this venue in terms of service and ambiance. We’ve shared the top 3 aspects we absolutely loved about La Fontaine.

Quick response on any inquiries

I found that it was quite easy to avail of any services during and prior to the event. it was virtually effortless to get in touch with management regarding any inquiries. Being able to communicate efficiently with the restaurant team left me and my family less tense about the planning and execution of the event and instead allowed us to focus on more important things like spending time with the guests and actually enjoying ourselves.

Breathtaking venue

LaFontaine is essentially a chateau featuring an original Gulf Islamic architecture in a European setting. The restaurant has an outdoor dining area, marked by its main centerpiece, a large beautiful handmade fountain with various other art pieces that were lit adorning its surroundings and white linens covering their tables; which can seat more than 250 guests (they can accommodate up to 500!). Being in such a luminous atmosphere made me feel so uplifted and it almost felt like I was not even in Bahrain that evening.

Perfect for Photos

It doesn’t matter what kind of event you are planning to hold, be it wedding receptions, engagement dinners, or even bridal showers, La Fontaine offers wide scenic views around its space which can be great for capturing memorable and in fact breathtaking pictures. For my brother’s wedding, we took several birds-eye view pictures overlooking the beautifully lit fountain and different art pieces. We were also able to take great shots with the various floral plantations and lighting structures serving as beautiful backgrounds. 

Some Things To Consider:

Even though we evidently adore this place, there were a few things about the La Fontaine that we thought were comparatively not as good as other venues of its caliber.

Parking at the venue

Since the venue is located in the heart of old Manama, the parking for the restaurant is not paved. therefore we encourage guests to be dropped off at the beautiful entrance of the building (and utilize the valet service), or, if you are not worried about your shoes getting dusty, you can park in the parking lot right next to the venue.

Location of the venue

La Fontaine is located in the heart of old Manama, which includes numerous small streets, many of which are one way; which can be challenging to reach the place. I myself got lost a couple of times on my way to the place. Also, the GPS can sometimes be tricky and you could end up taking a much longer and sometimes misleading route to the spot. therefore, we recommend drawing a map for your guests with clear instructions to help them get there easily.

Seasonal changes in demand

Personally, I think that this place is best used as a wedding venue during the spring or colder seasons since the best part of La Fontaine is, well the outdoor area with “La Fontaine”. That spot is the most idyllic for when the weather is less hot and humid; which does automatically limit its desirability in the summer months and also its availability during winter ones.

So if you are looking to hold your wedding (or engagement party) in a unique fashion at a breathtaking location, check out La Fontaine!

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  • Our amazing experience at La Fontaine!