Muscat Honeymoon Guide

This month, we’re excited to share with you one of the understated honeymoon cities in the GCC which also celebrates its national day on the 18th of November. If you’re looking for a short honeymoon, and open to discover what the gulf has to offer, then we recommend you plan your trip to Muscat. Here’s your guide of what to do, where to go and stay.


Alila Jabal Akhdar (top recommendation)

Our first choice is for our luxury nature lovers is Jabal Akhdar where you can stay in Alila Jabal Akhdar, a 2-hour drive from Muscat city. Perched 2,000 m above sea level in the Al Hajar Mountains, Alila Jabal Akhdar is a haven for adventure travelers, nature lovers and those seeking a retreat from the city and desert heat. This stone-faced hotel inspired by fortresses lies 1 km from both Jabal Akhdar Masjid temple and Diana’s Point, a scenic area atop Jabal Akhdar. And to top it all off, when the sky is clear at night, you could see the Milky way.

Al Bustan Hotel

If you’re more attracted to urban destination types, then Al Bustan Hotel is your go-to address. This luxury beachfront hotel, featuring a sprawling domed building in landscaped gardens, is 7 km from both the Omani French Museum and Al Alam Palace. A romantic tip: book a table on the beach for a dinner for two, and you can enjoy a splendid evening with your special one, barefoot on the sand, surrounded by nothing but candlelight, the sound of the sea, and an occasional glimpse of a mountain fox.

The Chedi

If you live and breathe for the city life, a closer city hotel is The Chedi, a luxurious and very central resort which has a more modern and simplistic appeal. It is where the majestic Al Hajar Mountains meet their luminous reflection in the serene waters of the Gulf of Oman; The Chedi Muscat rises amidst an elegantly landscaped massive garden oasis with 158 Omani influenced guestrooms and villas. The highlight of the hotel is their Long Pool, where in the evening, you can enjoy the most delicious Japanese cuisine in the Sultanate. You can’t go wrong with any of these suggested places for your honeymoon stay in Muscat. These 5-star hotels pride themselves on their meticulous international service, scrumptious selection of dining options and outdoor activities.


The Royal Opera House in Muscat

If you’d like a dose of culture then make sure you plan your trip around what’s on offer at the Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman's premier venue for musical arts and culture. The opera house is in Shati Al-Qurm district of Muscat and reflects unique contemporary Omani architecture. The complex consists of a concert theatre, auditorium, formal landscaped gardens, cultural market with retail, luxury restaurants and an art center for musical, theatrical and operatic productions. If you’re lucky, your plans would align with their production of Turandot; a majestic opera production.

Mutrah Souq

For an authentic experience in Muscat, visiting Mutrah Souq is a must! It is one of the oldest markets in Oman, dating back to around two hundred years. Its antiquity has perhaps increased the extent of its beauty, magic and allure. You cannot see Mutrah Souq from the outside, as it’s stretched deep within the city. The market starts at a gate facing the Sea of Oman and Mutrah Corniche, and ends with another gate in the city’s old quarters that usually receive the most visitors coming from other Omani towns and villages. Mutrah Souq is a prototype of old Eastern markets, characterized by narrow winding alleys roofed with wood. When passing through this souq, your senses are tantalized by the aromatic smells of frankincense, incense and Arabian perfumes. Mutrah Souq is known for its handicrafts like silverware, daggers, traditional cloth, new apparel and shoes, in addition to the famous Omani sweets (Halwa), spices and braziers (receptacles in which incense or frankincense is burned).

Wadi Shab

One of the most famous wadis in the Sultanate located in Tiwi, part of Sur in Al Sharqiyah South Governorate. It lies 140 km from Muscat with fresh water cascading from tops of the mountains, meeting the briny sea water on its banks, creating an environmental diversity unique to this wadi, and making it stand on a pedestal of its own when compared with the other valleys in Oman. Word of advice, it is recommended to trek the wadi during the fall/winter months as it gets really hot in the spring/summer.

Hawiyat Najm Park

Right next to Wadi Shab is Hawiyat Najm Park. Legend has it that this is gorgeous sink hole was created by a fallen asteroid. It is a deep natural depression filled with water. Right opposite, is a collection of naturally formed small bays. The water there is like the Maldives and the sand is as white as snow! Make sure you have some snacks and water, and you’ll have an entire beach all to yourselves!


Al Angham Restaurant

After visiting the Royal Opera House of Muscat, you may choose to go for the most authentic Omani fine-dining experience at Al Angham restaurant, which is at the Royal Opera House Gallery. Whatever you order, don’t forget to get the almond rice and the shuwwa (traditional Omani meat dish); we insist!

Kurkum Restaurant

A hidden gem just a few meters outside Mutrah Souq. This Indian restaurant is a complete contrast from the rustic souq, decked in pristine white interiors, each table is decorated with a single bright pink bougainvillea branch and offer divine food and exceptional service. Check out farahii’s honeymoon products on If you’d like to be a guest blogger on, send us some samples of your work to and we’ll get back to you.

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