I’m Getting Married in Six Months- What Beauty Tips Should I Focus on?

As a bride- to- be, you probably have dreamt of looking your best on the day of your wedding, it is a day when all the eyes will be on you after all! Weeks and even months prior to your wedding, you want to ensure that your hair, skin and nails are healthy, beautiful and ready for the big day. So, where do you start from? 

1. Hair

Six months prior to your wedding, fix an appointment and have a consultation session with your hair stylist. It’s a good idea to explore your wedding hairstyles so you can understand if you want to try and grow your hair out or keep it shorter. Discuss all the color options as well (if you color your hair) and book a color touch up session a few weeks prior to your wedding. If you want to experiment with new colors or cut, do this now and not before the wedding. For the overall health of your hair, it is recommended that you deeply condition your hair at least once in a week. Include protein rich food in your diet such as egg yolk, salmon and tuna to promote stronger hair growth.

2. Skin

Visit your dermatologist or skin care specialist. If you have any acne or other skin conditions, it’s a good idea to talk about the treatment options beforehand. Always start with skin treatments as early as possible to be on the safe side. Consult your facialist as to what facial is best for your skin and Keep your skin glowing with regular facials.

3. Unwanted Hair

You can discuss laser hair removal options with your dermatologist as generally they provide laser hair removal services as well. It is recommended that you go for your laser hair removal as early as possible since this process takes several sessions before your unwanted hair is completely removed.

Eyebrows are also very important when considering unwanted hair removal. We all know the struggle of maintaining thick and well-shaped eyebrows, especially before the big day. To get a good eyebrow shape, do not pluck or shape them for three months. You can also apply castor oil to your eyebrows daily to accelerate hair growth in your eyebrows! Grow your eyebrows out and get them shaped a few days before the wedding by your trusted eyebrow shaper.

4. Body

Create a six-month fitness plan. If you want to lose some pounds, then it is a good idea to hire a professional trainer, or you can also choose to find a plan you like and follow it yourself. Note that your weight largely depends on what you eat, so try to avoid food rich in carbs and sugar. You can subscribe to meal plans or make healthy food at home. Whether you are looking to lose some weight, just maintain your current weight or get more toned, talking to a nutritionist or a coach can help you decide a diet plan that would work. You can also choose to research this online yourself, however make sure that you stick to your diet plan and work at it consistently.

Overall, this is a journey, so try not be too hard on yourself if you’re not able to achieve some of your beauty goals. More than anything, stress has a way of showing up on your face and it is the quickest way to make a bride’s glow fade away. Be sure to keep yourself well hydrated and to catch up on your beauty sleep to look your best. Remember, a happy, well rested bride is the most beautiful bride! 

  • I’m Getting Married in Six Months- What Beauty Tips Should I Focus on?