How to Spend Your Honeymoon Without Travelling

Nowadays, it seems that many newlyweds are veering towards spending their honeymoon in their home countries rather than abroad. This is a suitable alternative for periods of time when you are reluctant to travel, or when you want to opt for time and cost-saving options. To help in planning your honeymoon in your country, we put together a list of ideas to inspire you.

1- Book a local hotel

Booking a local hotel for you and your spouse offers a change of scenery and the excitement of being away from home. If possible, benefit from the different services offered; such as the buffet meals, private beach, spa and gym. However, before beginning your search for hotels, decide on the type of facilities and accommodations you would like and what your budget permits. You can also do a quick search on the internet and find websites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz to give you a great deal of offers for hotel booking that will ease the process of finding the ideal hotel for your honeymoon.

2- Be a tourist in your own country

Identify the types of locations you and your spouse like and create a tourism plan for yourselves. Explore tourist attractions like historical places, museums, amusement parks, art galleries, parks, or the beach. Go to your favorite restaurants, or visit new places you’ve never had the time for. Additionally, try activities you are interested in like art classes, escape rooms, theatrical performances, musicals, and even sports events. To aid in planning, visit websites or follow social media accounts relating to tourism or events in your country and look for things that you would enjoy.

3- Take a trip with your spouse

Take a day trip with your spouse dedicated for fun and relaxation. Prepare light meals, enjoy the weather outside, and even make a playlist for your drive. You can pick a local destination that has both the elements of an intimate setting and exotic vibes. This will offer a change of scenery and a chance to make great memories. To find locations like these in your country, search on the internet and social media, or ask friends and family if they know places that provide a lovely experience of this kind. A day spent with your spouse on a camping trip, a picnic in a beautiful park or by the beachside is surely a day well spent.

4- Spend a day indoors

An option that is often overlooked, is a comfortable and relaxing day spent with your spouse indoors doing activities you both enjoy. You can watch films and prepare popcorn and nachos if you are both film enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can also have a great time cooking your meals together and then setting a beautiful table to enjoy them. If you’re competitive, you can play board games, if you’re creative you can try painting and if you have a green thumb you can try planting together. There are so many options for indoor activities and all you have to do is think about the things you and your spouse enjoy or what your hobbies are, and then plan a day to do them together.

Sometimes, due to time constraints, work circumstances, and low budgets, honeymoons cannot be spent abroad. Yet, that doesn’t mean that having a honeymoon is no longer an option because there are numerous activities that you can do in order to enjoy a great honeymoon even without traveling.

  • How to Spend Your Honeymoon Without Travelling