How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Wedding

A woman’s hair is known to be her crown of glory, especially on her wedding day.

After selecting the perfect dress & accessories, the next step is choosing the perfect hairstyle that compliments everything else.

Here are some tips on your journey to choosing the perfect hairstyle for YOU:

1) Keep your wedding dress in mind

You can start by looking at your wedding dress, venue or just the overall wedding style to figure out what kind of hair style fits best. Your hair should complement your wedding dress so nothing clashes together.

Veils go great with any wedding dress

2) Try out different hair styles

It would be great if you experiment with different styles beforehand. But nothing too over the top that you would regret such as getting your hair cut or changing your hair

color dramatically. Search for different kinds of hairstyle you like and bring those ideas to your hair stylist for a few trial sessions. Make sure to give yourself a lot of time when choosing your hairstyle instead of choosing something last minute.

Try out different hairstyles with your trusty hair dresser

3) Consider some hair accessories

Tiaras, hair pins & even your veil are classic wedding accessories and if you’re planning on wearing hair accessories you must think of how your hairstyle will go with these accessories.

If you’re not really a tiara sort of girl you have plenty of other options. There’s the birdcage veil look, which is great if you’re having a vintage wedding. If you’re going for a sort of boho, romantic look then keep your hair long and maybe just decorate it with a single floral piece.


Long rhinestone and pearl gold headband perfect as a hairband or wrapped around an elegant hair bun (left), Famous Egyptian singer, Sherine sporting an pretty floral hairband (middle), Fancy flower veil (right)

4) Consider the location of you wedding

The one thing that brides tend to overlook is to take the location of their wedding in consideration, whether is it indoors or outdoors. Based on the location, you could avoid any hair disasters that could happen such as strong winds, humidity and heat on some occasions.

  • How to Choose the Best Hairstyle for Your Wedding

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