How to Beat Bridal Stress

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life that you will remember forever. But often, brides fall into a stressful trap of planning and preparation. So, darling, instead of getting frustrated, read this blog that will give you a few words of advice to help you avoid/beat/ease bridal stress.

1.    Be Organized
The moment you accept your bae’s proposal is the moment you pull out that day planner and start jotting things down. When you get yourself organized, you can easily manage your to-do’s and keep the stress far far away. Scratch off everything you accomplish and don’t forget to have fun. After all, this is not a job! Treat yourself, and team bride, to a fresh green smoothie or a (low fat) frozen yogurt as soon as you accomplish something, no matter how small.
You know what they say, reward is the best form of motivation.

2. Get Enough Sleep
The number of hours of sleep vary from person to person but what’s more important to you as a bride is to make sure you sleep with a calm mind. Before you put your pretty face to rest, try to set a relaxing mood to release all the tension of the day. Light up some scented candles, put on a natural homemade mask and some relaxing music or just watch your favorite Netflix show; whatever it is, make sure it takes your mind off your day’s endeavors and tomorrow's to-dos.

3. Stay Active
Exercising has proven to increase energy in people, but we’re not saying hit the gym every day. We ask that you make time to do some simple exercise routines, at the comfort of your home or even bed (if you’re into that new trend), and help your body release the tension and produce endorphins. Don’t forget to also keep that lunch lite; we know how living in the gulf can get you addicted to those heavy lunches; instead keep it lite and fresh by increasing your intake of salads, juices and superfoods.

4. Ask for Help and Delegate
No matter what you think, you can’t plan a wedding on your own and stay sane at the same time. Don’t be shy to ask for help from the people around you especially your family and friends; and if you have something you need done that needs that extra manly touch, then don’t hesitate to delegate to your fiancé or even brother or father.

5. Consult
Ask your married friends for advice and tips. You’d be surprised at what they might tell you and what they’d wish people told them before getting married. Consulting with people who’ve been through the experience can help a lot in avoiding mistakes and in getting some great ideas.

6. Take Care of Queen B (B for Bride)
Set a time to pamper yourself during your busy, yet organized, schedule. You’re the bride and you deserve it amid all the preparation. Book a massage or yoga session to get rid of all the toxins and just enjoy being a bride. Treat yourself, darling!

7. Take Time OFF
Put some time off for yourself even for a few minutes between running errands. If you’re at the mall, go to a cafe and just enjoy a coffee for half an hour before you head out to your next appointment. You can also reward yourself, and team bride, to a beach day or an intimate dinner to relax, be girls and let go of all the stresses.

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