Farahii's Top 6 Must Watch Wedding Movies

Grab the popcorn because we’ve got the top 6 must watch wedding movies - recommended by the farahii team for all our lovely readers - because sometimes, you just need a girls night in with your besties!

#1: فين قلبي؟ (Where is my heart?)

What would you do if you married the man of your dreams who gets into a coma and wakes up three years later?

Coming in at number 1, Fein Qalby is a romantic comedy that tells the story of a man named Yousif who marries a woman that he loves with all his heart, but doesn’t tell her that he’s already married and his first wife has been in a coma for three years. The film takes a turn when his first wife wakes up from the coma and both women discover the shocking truth. With all 3 living in the same home, the women get competitive in fighting for Yousif’s attention and affection, leaving him in a constant state of confusion, with his heart torn between his love for these two women. He has a tough decision to make, as with all decisions relating to matters of the heart.

Bring out the popcorn and get ready to watch the talented musician Mostafa Amar, Tayam Amar, Sherry Adel and Yousra El Lozy, star in this witty and funny Arabic romantic comedy about love and music. 

#2: Bride Wars

Imagine getting engaged at exactly the same time as your best friend - best thing ever or total disaster?

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway star as best friends in the romantic comedy Bride Wars. The besties are so excited to get married and plan their weddings together, quickly to realize their dates are booked on the same day at the same place, and their life-long friendship is put to the ultimate test.

Get ready for some real wedding drama in this fun and delightful movie about love, friendship and what truly matters most. A must-watch with your besties!

P.S. We just love the gorgeous Vera Wang wedding dress that Kate Hudson wears in this movie! 

#3: Monsoon Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good Indian wedding! Cue the music, dancing, colours and flare!

Monsoon Wedding tells the story of a father who is marrying off his daughter, Aditi, in a traditional Indian manner - with all the music, dancing, decorations, and entire family coming in from all over the world. Aditi’s father wants to make sure that this wedding goes on without any issues, but doesn’t know that Aditi is having second thoughts on her marriage.

A stressed father, a bride-to-be with a secret, relatives from around the world, and lots of music – a movie that has all the makings of a classic Indian film that will surely get you up and dancing. 

#4: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the most successful wedding movie to date, one that you can watch over and over and still not get bored of... We never do.

This movie is a classic story of a man and a woman, Ian and Toula, who accidentally meet and soon fall in love, but their backgrounds and cultures make it difficult for them to be together.

When Ian proposes, it leads to the most chaotic wedding planning of the century. Toula, must learn to accept her future husband into her big Greek family, all while embracing and celebrating her Greek heritage throughout the wedding planning. Vibrant and charming from beginning to end - you can watch this movie a dozen times and it will never fail to make you laugh. This is the ultimate movie about big families, bigger emotions and our favorite part - love! 

#5: Father of the Bride

A story about a father, but not just any; starring one of the funniest comedians of the 90’s - Steve Martin plays a father who needs to come to terms with his only daughter getting married. From meeting the in-laws to the wedding planning, to the emotional rollercoaster; trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this classic romantic comedy of the love between a father and his daughter. For all the daddy’s little girls out there, bring out the tissues and get ready for the tears. 

#6: The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

In light of the royal wedding fever, our list could not be complete without a royal wedding movie. Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews star as Princess Mia Thermopolis and Queen Clarisse in this Disney classic about a girl who has always dreamt of one thing – a romantic fairytale love. Let’s admit it, we’ve all dreamt of that Disney fairytale wedding at some point too, right ladies?

With her chance at being the new Queen of Genovia at stake, Mia must fall in love and get married in 30 days or else she loses the throne to a handsome charming man, young Lord Deveraux. The Princess Diaries 2 is a story about finding out who you are, finding out what you really want, and deciding what it takes to make your dreams come true.

P.S. The handsome and charming royal gentlemen are a bonus!

Get in the bridal state of mind and enjoy quality time with your closest friends by watching the ultimate wedding movies picked out by the farahii team. Trust us, with this collection, there is never a dull moment! 

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  • Farahii's Top 6 Must Watch Wedding Movies

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