A New Exclusive Farahii Personal Shopper At Your Service!

Wouldn’t it be amazing and wonderful if there was someone to do all the work for you? Don’t you want to spend your time relaxing, being pampered and stress free? Don’t worry darling, we’ve got your back... Introducing Farahii’s new service – the farahii Personal Shopper! Read on to know more about this exclusive new benefit and how you can sign up!

The farahii Personal Shopper is a new service that is available for all brides to provide personalized and guided assistance while shopping on www.farahii.com. The personal shopper is an expert on understanding the products, the bride, her needs, while also catering to each bride’s individual style and taste. Our farahii bridal consultant will be at your service throughout your shopping experience, ensuring that you are as comfortable as you can be.

So, how does this personal shopper service work? It’s very easy and simple! All you need to do is:

  1. Contact us via WhatsApp text, email, phone call or even our Live Chat - which is available on the bottom of our website www.farahii.com.
  2. Provide your name, number, email, location and wedding date.
  3. Our bridal consultant will then contact you, on the platform of your choice, to ask you a set of questions in relation to your wedding.

All information shared will be strictly confidential.

Based on your answers, the personal shopper will understand what your personality, bridal and wedding needs are, then create a wedding shopping list tailored specifically to you. Your one-of-a-kind shopping list will consist of a variety of farahii products that will be most suitable for your bridal style and your wedding.

After receiving your personal farahii wedding shopping list, you can choose all or any of the products recommended. Then comes the fun part, when you’re ready you can either shop for these products yourself and the bridal consultant can guide you through the farahii website, OR we can do the shopping for you and ship the products to you without you having to lift a finger.

After your order is placed, we will take care of the rest as you remain stress free and maybe even have a spa day with your girlfriends! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Your bridal consultant will be there for you every step of the way. It’s like shopping with your best friend who knows exactly what you need!

How to sign up?

Call us on or send us a WhatsApp text to +966 55 157 1516, or an email at hello@farahii.com, or send us a message on our Live Chat and our bridal consultant will contact you.

The best thing about a personal shopper is that everything is all about you! Save time, relax and stay pampered with farahii. So ladies, forget about your bridal worries and your wedding stress and enjoy a journey of fun, love and happiness – with the help of your farahii personal shopper!

Check out farahii’s beautiful products that the bridal consultant will help you shop for in the link below:


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  • A New Exclusive Farahii Personal Shopper At Your Service!

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