Top 5 Fall Beach Honeymoon Destinations

So, you’re considering a fall honeymoon but don’t really want to spend it layering in shawls and jackets; who does?!

Deep down, you know that your true idea of a honeymoon is one that offers a private crystal-clear beach to finally get that ‘us’ time with your bae. A place to show off that wedding body and the new bikini. A honeymoon that’s meant more for a mermaid than a human.

If your heart skipped a beat while reading any of the above then you’re in luck! 

While you’ve been planning your fantasy wedding, we’ve been putting together your dream list of the top 5 paradise fall beach honeymoon destinations that offer many options like secluded romantic getaways, luxury services, and fun activities. Read on to know more.

No. 1

Bora Bora Island

Best visited in November


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Bora Bora is famous for its aqua-centric luxury resorts and was recently voted as one of the best islands in the world. It offers only a handful of hotels with a few caterings to couples who are looking for a secluded romantic experience. From luxury spacious living spaces, glass floor panels to a private couple’s massage in your own villa, Bora Bora gets a 10 on our romantic scale.

No. 2

Bali, Indonesia

Best visited in September

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The Indonesian island of Bali is a favorite amongst the adventurous couples as it offers a balance of fun and romance. You can bask in the luxuries of your own villa with a private pool and 24-hour butler service, walk the volcanic black sand beaches, learn to surf or even dive UNESCO protected dive spots. Bali is the full package!

No. 3

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Best visited in December


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Known as ‘Briland’ by the locals, Harbour Island is most famous for its pink sand beaches, colourful with English Colonial-style buildings and flower lined streets. Once the capital of the Bahamas, Harbour Island is a popular vacation destination for Americans and has a current population of approximately 2,000 inhabitants only.

No. 4

Santorini, Greece

Best visited in August to early November

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Santorini is the most popular island in Greece and may be the most popular island in the world. With its white villages perfectly placed on cliffs overlooking the Aegean to the beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, ancient cities, amazing restaurants, and an active volcano, Santorini offers it all and more.

No. 5


Best visited in November and December

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With beaches still untouched, Maldives is the perfect getaway, unlike any beach destination. Imagine laying on soft white sands with your other half, taking a dip in the azure colored waters while in the complete privacy of your entire island. The intimate setting that the country provides to couples makes a Maldives honeymoon different from any other.

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