6 Things You Can do on Your Own to Reduce Wedding Costs

When planning your wedding, setting a budget and allocating costs for different aspects are two of the most important tasks. To do this right, it is always advisable to set priorities to decide which things you would like to focus your spending on. This means that you will also need to think about the tasks you would like to reduce spending on, and a great way to do this, is through doing them yourself. This is why we gathered a list of 8 tasks you can do on your own for your wedding that will help you reduce your expenses.

1. Digitize your wedding invitations

The process of making wedding invitations can sometimes be costly due to the amount of work that is put into them; from the design to the calligraphy to the printing. As such, we propose making your wedding invitations digitally on your own. Even with little or no knowledge of design, you can utilize the countless templates online to make a wedding invitation that you like. Alternatively, you may use mobile applications that have pre-existing font styles and pictures or stickers that can be used to easily design an invitation. We also recommend sending the wedding invitations through email or WhatsApp. This will save both your printing costs and your time.

2. Organize your own wedding bouquet

Assembling your wedding flower bouquet is another fun and easy way to reduce wedding costs. You may search the internet for inspiration for wedding bouquets with the flowers you chose. It is recommended to purchase flower shears, floral tape, bouquet pins, and ribbons earlier on. We also advise to use in-season flowers. After you create your bouquet, keep it in a vase with water to maintain its freshness until the wedding.

3. Cater the wedding

The wedding menu does not have to be lavish for the wedding to be a success. In fact, one way to make your wedding feel more intimate for both you & your guests is by doing some simple catering yourself with the help of some friends and family. By doing so, you’d be offering them snacks that you made with your own hands with love and compassion, and there would be no need for getting professional helpers to serve and circle the food around.

4. Manicures and pedicures with friends at home

A lovely bonding activity with your bridesmaids and friends before the wedding would be to do one another’s pedicures and manicures at home instead of doing them in the saloon.

5. Be your own makeup artist

Embrace your natural beauty by going with the makeup that you can do yourself or have a friend or family member help you with it. We recommend having a rehearsal make up session a few days earlier.

6. Create your own giveaways 

Creating your own giveaways is another great way to reduce your costs. Search Pinterest for giveaways that suit your chosen theme and purchase the required materials in bulk from affordable stores. This is also a fun activity to do with friends and family.

All of these tasks can be done by anyone looking for ways to reduce their wedding costs. They will also allow you to feel more personally involved in the planning of your wedding. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do this alone, you can always ask for help from your friends and family. Remember that the wedding planning stage is a tie for you to enjoy and cherish.

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  • 6 Things You Can do on Your Own to Reduce Wedding Costs