5 Things You Need in a Wedding Emergency Kit

Have you ever been in the situation where you just wished you brought a few items just incase something happens? And on the day of your wedding, things happen that results in a wedding emergency such as an outfit malfunction, the weather than could ruin your hair or make up or even a broken heel!

1) Sewing Kit

Having a mini sewing kit may be one of the most important items you need with you on the day. The sewing kit should include sewing needles, safety pins, small scissors, fabric tape and threads of the wedding outfit colors. Helps with tears, loose threads, last minute adjustments etc.

2) Hair Kit

Here is where any hair related emergencies come to place. These items include bobby pins, hair ties, hair spray or even some hair gel for those loose baby hairs.

3) Stain remover

Like mentioned before, ANYTHING could happen. Make sure to include a stain remover substance that could get off any stains that could appear on the wedding dress of the groom’s outfit.

4) Band-Aids/ Pain relievers

Headaches and other body pains sometimes strike when you least expect them to – and they might not go away as quick. Having some pain reliever would be really helpful to get rid of those head aches or any other body aches. Bandaids would be great to have to incase of nay blisters from wearing those high heels.

5) Super glue/clear nail polish

Super glue could be your best friend and could come in handy for fixing any broken jewelry, shoes or anything else.

And there’s an old style trick for stopping any runs if you’re wearing any stocking. And its CLEAR NAIL POLISH!

And if you’re too lazy to put all these items together and get some more, we’ve got a ready made style emergency kit at farahii.com which could even perfectly fit in your purse!

Now you’ll be more than ready for any wedding emergencies that could happen.

  • 5 Things You Need in a Wedding Emergency Kit

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